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PMT20010 Instrument Transformer Comparator

The PMT20010 Comparator is an automatically balancing bridge that measures the accuracy of instrumentation potential and current transformers.

Large, backlit, easy-to-read numeric LCD digits are augmented by a colour TFT graphical LCD panel to display measurements of ratio error, ratio correction factor, phase error in centiradians or minutes, excitation voltage, excitation current, accuracy class and the true test circuit burden.


PMT20030 Transformer Polarity Tester

A hand held instrument for polarity identification of current, voltage and power transformers with an operable ratio range from 1:1 to greater than 5000:1.

The rugged instrument features safe low voltage excitation, battery power and simple operation.


EPS Picture

PMT25010 Electronic AC Potential Standard

Provides the electronic equivalent of a standard potential transformer as typically required for instrumentation potential transformer accuracy testing.

The instrument features a wide dynamic ratio range and highly accurate, galvanically isolated output voltage.

A basic potential divider configuration requires the addition of a high voltage, low loss standard capacitor.


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PMT10000 Series Standard HV Capacitors

High voltage, low dissipation factor, gas-filled Standard Capacitors for indoor use in a laboratory or production environment. A three terminal design configuration allows accurate measurements of capacitance and dissipation factor (tangent delta) with little or no effect from test lead or stray capacitance.

Typical applications of the Standard Capacitor are as follows...

  • As a reference standard in bridge circuits for measuring capacitance and dissipation factor measurements.

  • As the high voltage element in a capacitive voltage divider network to facilitate the precise measurement of AC voltages including peak and surge voltages.


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PMT25000 Series Precision Current Transformers

Precision two-stage toroidal current transformers find application as the reference in determining the accuracy of instrumentation current transformers.

The better than 50ppm (parts-per-million accuracy) passive operation is further improved by activating an electronic processing circuit that effectively removes core flux caused by voltage induced secondary burden. Electronic burden cancellation improves the accuracy by typically a factor of five.

  • Passive Operation Accuracy @ 0.5VA, 5 - 200% Excitation:
    Ratio: +/-0.005%, Phase: +/-0.3 minutes

  • Electronic Operation Accuracy @ 0.5VA, 5 - 200% Excitation:
    Ratio: +/-0.001%, Phase: +/-0.1 minutes

Available in Multi-Ratio or Fixed-Ratio configurations.

Instrumentation Transformer Burden Picture Instrumentation Transformer Burden Sets

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