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PMT25010 Electronic AC Potential Standard





PMT25010 Electronic AC Potential Standard

The Electronic Potential Standard is an amplifier-aided capacitive divider formed in conjunction with an external high voltage reference capacitor.

The instrument typically finds application whenever a precise, scaled replication of a high voltage potential is required such as the accuracy testing of instrumentation potential transformers or as the wattmeter potential reference in the measurement of power loss in transformers.

In addition to the high accuracy of nominally 0.03% ratio and 1 minute of phase, the instrument provides a wide range of easily selectable ratio settings.

--- Instrument Features ---

  • High Accuracy and Linearity
  • Direct and Simple Operation
  • Encompasses all typical ANSI/CSA ratios
  • Ratio modules up to 1.44MV available
  • Typical accuracy of 0.03% ratio and 1 minute phase
  • Protected against input transients and output fault conditions




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