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PMT25090 Series Precision Multi-Ratio Current Transformers





PMT25090 Series Precision Multi-Ratio Current Transformers

Precision two-stage toroidal current transformers find application as the reference in determining the accuracy of instrumentation current transformers.

The better than 50ppm (0.005%) accuracy in passive operation at 0.5VA common burden (typical Comparator burden) is further improved by activating an electronic processing circuit that effectively removes core flux caused by voltage induced secondary burden. Battery powered electronic burden cancellation improves the accuracy by typically a factor of five approaching 10ppm (0.001%).

The primary current conductor, typically a bus-bar or flexible cable, is threaded through the centre hole with one or more turns.

Several models feature wound primary turns to facilitate operation at lower current operation in the region from 5 amperes to 100 amperes.

The multi-ratio configuration features a rotary switch ampere-turn selection arranged in a convenient binary format.

Models are available with or without electronic burden cancellation as well as a 5 ampere or 1 ampere normalized secondary current.

--- Current Transformer Features ---

  • High Accuracy and Linearity

  • Toroidal Two-Stage, Zero Flux Design

  • Passive and Active (Electronic) Operation

  • Multi-Ratio Design

  • Primary Currents from 5 to 6000 Amperes

  • 5 Amp or 1 Amp Secondary

  • Open-Circuit Secondary Protection




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