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PMT40600 Automatic Meter Calibration Console

Provides Measurement Canada compliant, fully automated testing of single and polyphase electrical energy and demand meters. Amplifier technology provides stable, low distortion, four-quadrant dynamic loads up to 600VAC and 200 amperes. A dual Energy Reference Standard supports concurrent power parameter testing which, in conjunction with a multi-mode optical pickup system and automated test scripts, facilitates optimum productivity.


OP200x Portable Optical Pickup

The OP200x effectively integrates five separate pickup transducers into one versatile, lightweight, portable instrument designed to detect watt-hour meter rotation, infrared and visible light pulses, LCD segments and contact closure events.

The instrument incorporates both light modulation and optical processing technology to provide accurate detection and ease of use in all ambient light conditions.


Meter Calibration Console Upgrades

Energy meter consoles manufactured by Olman Instruments, Multi-Amp Canada and Schlumberger during the period 1975 through 1995 can be refurbished with various modules including application software, amplifier sources, energy reference standards, pulse count comparators, optical pickup systems and other upgrades to facilitate compliance with Measurement Canada testing requirements.


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